Medical Associates of Saranac Lake is housed in the building Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau used for his medical practice and residence in the early 1900's. Dr. Trudeau started his practice in Saranac Lake in 1891. His original building, which served as Dr. Trudeau's first residence, his medical practice location and his research laboratory, burned to the ground by a fire started by a laboratory heater used to maintain the constant high temperature needed to grow the tubercle bacillus, the basis of his research. After the house was rebuilt in 1894, Dr Trudeau continued to practice out of the current building, until moving his laboratory next door to what became known as the Saranac Laboratory. He continued his medical practice and research until his death in 1915. His practice was continued by his son Francis Berger Trudeau, and later expanded by his grandson Francis Berger Trudeau Jr., becoming Medical Associates of Saranac Lake in the early 1970's. The doctors Trudeau and their successors have treated and cared for the people of the North Country for over a century from this same historic building.

In a park dedicated to the preservation of natural resources, these unique practitioners have devoted their lives and energies to conserving the health of a mountain community. This tradition continues to this day through the efforts of the current providers at Medical Associates of Saranac Lake.

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