Welcome to Medical Associates of Saranac Lake. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in your health care and hope this web site will help you get to know us.

We are proud to be part of a heath care tradition in the North Country that goes back over 100 years. This building was once the home and medical office of Edward Livingston Trudeau, M.D., a pioneer in the treatment of tuberculosis and founder of the Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium, which then became the Trudeau Sanatorium after Dr. Trudeau's death. Through his efforts, Saranac Lake became established as a center for the highest quality medical care. Today, we continue this tradition by providing a wide range of medical services delivered with caring expertise.

Medical Associates is one of the largest medical groups in the North Country and our patients come from as far away as a hundred miles. Our physicians are all board certified in fields such as internal medicine, cardiology and family practice. They are assisted by a highly trained team of physicians assistants, nurses, medical assistants, receptionists and other office staff whose goal is to provide patients with the best possible health care experience. Many special medical services are also available in-house for our patients. With our CLIA-certified office laboratory, we can offer our patients the speed and convenience of doing lab tests at the time of visit. We offer electrocardiograms, 24 hour EKG monitoring, pulmonary (lung) function tests, treadmill exercise tests, minor skin surgery, carotid artery and leg vein ultra sound and cardiac echocardiogram.

Medical Associates has incorporated a fully integrated electronic medical records system which improves efficiency and insures complete patient privacy.

Your questions and suggestions are always welcome. Our office manager is here every day to assist you.

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